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Item Mall clubs

Postby Bauer » Thu May 24, 2007 10:38 am

just on the SO site and I notice they are having a sale on the beginners pack. not a bad option for anyone thinking of spending a few real $$$

for around $25-30 Aus (very approx) you can buy the pack (as opposed to 60+ for any other set of clubs)

Sapphire Bifrost driver 1
-Triton Peacock Green 3W 1
-Triton Peacock Green 5W 1
-Peacock Green Caim Irons set 1
-Peacock Green Caim AW 1
-Peacock Green Caim PW 1
-Peacock Green Caim SW 1
-Agate Stereos putter 1
-Mageia II 2 440
-Cyma II 2 390
-Pena 3PC 1 190

the irons and wedges will last you ages, the woods will be way better than the beginners and will need an upgrade in the future (to an emerald for EG) and the Mageia will help you level up. The Cyma is an NG tripler but you can sell those for around 2.5mill NG each in the square

here is a link ... =1&pid=190

anyone keen, do some research and I think you will find its not a bad pack for the price (compared to others)

just thinking about it, I only see the driver as the shortfall. You can buy an Emerald driver for around 3-4 mill in the square so selling the Bitfrost and the Cyma will very easily accommodate that upgrade if and when needed.

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Postby Hazelb » Thu May 24, 2007 11:23 pm

Sweet deal that...

I would strongly recommend a purchase if you are struggling with in game sticks..certainly has enhanced the experience for me...

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